International Relations

US-UK forge ‘Atlantic Declaration’ to deepen ties

  • The United States and the United Kingdom have launched a new strategic accord reinforcing their “special relationship” in order to face threats posed by Russia, China, and economic uncertainty.
  • Instead of seeking a post-Brexit free-trade agreement, they signed the Atlantic Declaration to establish a new green economy through massive industry subsidies.

What exactly is the Atlantic Declaration?

  • In response to China’s expanding rivalry, the “Atlantic Declaration” aspires to strengthen business collaboration in the defence and renewable energy sectors.
  • The proclamation acknowledges the threats posed by authoritarian nations, disruptive technologies, non-state actors, and global crises such as climate change.
  • Both presidents emphasised the importance of adapting to the changing global economy, which is being driven by AI and technology breakthroughs.

Declaration’s key terms

  • Under the Atlantic Declaration, the United States and the United Kingdom will enhance their supply chains, invest in each other’s sectors, and create future technology.
  • They agreed to establish a civil nuclear partnership to enhance renewable energy cooperation and reduce reliance on Russian fuel.
  • Technology and Critical Minerals: The countries will work together to develop AI technology safely, establish a critical minerals accord, and collaborate on telecoms and quantum technologies.
  • The declaration contains a commitment in principle to a UK-US “data bridge” that simplifies data movement between British and US enterprises without additional red tape.
  • Negotiations on a vital minerals deal will allow select UK enterprises to take advantage of tax credits offered under the US Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Business Cooperation: Cooperation will extend to telecoms technology, including 5G and 6G, as well as quantum technologies, boosting collaboration and innovation between the United States and the United Kingdom.
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