National Exit Examination (NExT) for Medical Graduates

In 2024, the NExT examination, a common qualifying criterion for final-year undergraduate medical students, will be adopted.

The National Exit Test (NExT)

  • Attempts to bring uniformity in evaluation across the country, providing minimal common standards of education and training for medical graduates.
  • The NExT test will be divided into two parts: NExT 1 will be a theoretical examination, and NExT 2 will involve practical, clinical, and oral examinations covering seven clinical subjects or disciplines.
  • Mock Test: Before the official examination, a mock test may be administered to familiarise pupils with the procedure and reduce any anxiety.

The National Medical Commission and the Application of NExT

  • The NMC is in charge of executing the NExT examination and providing a common standard for medical education in the country.
  • To preserve uniformity in medical education, the NExT test will also be applied to institutes of national importance, such as the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).


  • Professionals of high calibre: The NExT test is viewed as a means of ensuring quality and producing well-trained Indian medical graduates.
  • Experts’ Opinions: Medical experts have praised the initiative, emphasising the importance of standardised assessment standards and the ability for interns to focus on clinical training.
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