Sannati Buddhist Stupa

  • Sannati is a small village on the banks of the Bhima River in Kalaburagi’s Chittapur Taluka (Gulbarga).
  • In 1994, ASI began excavations in the adjoining village of Kanaganahalli, finding astonishing antiques.
  • Among the discoveries was the Adholoka Maha Chaitya, or the Great Stupa of the Netherworlds.
  • It dates back to the Maurya and Satavahana dynasties.

Key findings

  • The Maha Stupa measures 22 metres in diameter and 17 metres in height.
  • It had beautiful ornamentation and architectural grandeur, representing historic workmanship and spiritual veneration.
  • The digs revealed a stone sculpture of Emperor Ashoka flanked by his queens and entourage, offering a rare peek into Mauryan history.
  • The stone picture is thought to be the only surviving image of the Mauryan Emperor with the inscription ‘Raya Asoko’ in Brahmi on it.
  • Furthermore, around 250 Brahmi inscriptions, Prakrit-language dome slabs describing Jataka stories, and drum slabs embellished with Dharma-Chakras were uncovered.
  • According to the inscriptions, it was patronised by the Hinayana and Mahayana branches of Buddhism in the third and fourth century AD, respectively. 

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