5th CIDC Vishwakarma Awards, 2024

  • SJVN Limited received two major honours at the 15th Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) Vishwakarma honours 2024 for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

About the CIDC Vishwakarma Awards

  • The CIDC Vishwakarma Awards are one of the most prestigious recognitions in the building industry.
  • It was launched in 2005.
  • The prizes are named after Vishwakarma, the celestial architect and engineer in Hindu mythology who represents craftsmanship, inventiveness, and construction skills. 

Important information about the award organiser: 

  • The awards are organised by the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC), a government-established agency dedicated to promoting the development and expansion of the construction industry.
  • Categories: The awards encompass a wide range of categories, including:
  1. Construction Projects: Recognising excellent projects from many sectors, including residential, commercial, infrastructure, and industrial construction.
  2. Construction Technologies: Recognises innovative technologies and practices that improve construction processes, efficiency, and sustainability.
  3. Construction Equipment: Recognise advances in construction machinery, tools, and equipment.
  4. Health, Safety, and the Environment: Recognising efforts and practices that prioritise worker safety, environmental protection, and sustainability in construction.
  5. Individual Achievements: Recognising the accomplishments of professionals and executives who have made a significant effect on the construction sector.
  6. Other categories may include awards for sustainability, corporate social responsibility efforts, and emerging construction trends.

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