What exactly is the Bhashini Initiative?

  • Bhashini, a small team at the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), is currently developing a WhatsApp-based chatbot that uses information generated by ChatGPT to respond to queries.
  • One of these initiatives, ‘Bhashini,’ is a local language translation mission that aims to break down barriers between various Indian languages by utilising available technology.
  • This government platform aims to make AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) resources available in the public domain for use by Indian MSMEs, startups, and individual innovators.
  • This will enable developers to provide easy access to the internet and digital services in all Indian languages to all Indians.

How does it function?

  • The project can be found at
  • Its goal is to create an ecosystem in which various stakeholders can collaborate to maintain a “ever-evolving repository of data, training and benchmark datasets, open models, tools, and technologies.”
  • This online platform also has a separate ‘Bhashadaan’ section that allows people to contribute to a variety of crowdsourcing initiatives, and it is accessible via Android and iOS apps.
  • Users can contribute in four ways: Suno India, Likho India, Bolo India, and Dekho India, where they must type what they hear or validate texts transcribed by others.

The significance of Bhashini

  • Bhashini hopes to break down the massive Indian language barrier by encouraging developers to provide digital services in Indian languages.
  • The project not only has a massive size and magnitude, but it also has a number of advantages.
  • India has the opportunity to develop a road map for allowing local languages to access the internet.
  • Furthermore, the increased availability of smartphones and lower data rates are allowing the internet to penetrate the country’s remote and rural areas.

Important initiatives in this regard

  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the National Language Translation Mission (NLTM) in the 2021-22 budget.
  • The reason for launching this mission was a survey that found that 53% of Indians who don’t use the internet said they would start using it if it had content in their native languages.
  • This is where Bhashini enters the picture, with the sole goal of creating a national digital public platform for languages to provide universal access to content.
  • This is expected to improve digital content delivery in all Indian languages.
  • Finally, it will contribute to the development of a knowledge-based society in which information is freely and readily available, transforming the ecosystem and citizens into “Atmanirbhar.”
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