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Veeranam Lake

  • Veeranam Lake, Chennai’s main supply of drinking water, has dried up.
  • Its supply was suspended due to a lack of input from the Mettur dam, located across the Kaveri River.

About Veeranam Lake

  • Veeranarayanapuram Lake, also known as Veeranam Lake, is an important water source for Chennai City.
  • It’s a man-made lake with a 16-kilometer-long dam. In the tenth century, it was around 20 kilometres long and 7 kilometres wide.
  • It is located in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district, around 235 km distant.
  • The lake, located near Kattumannarkoil, has a storage capacity of around 1,465 million cubic feet (mcft) and plays an important role in supplying water to Chennai.

Historical Significance of Veeranam Lake

  • Built in the tenth century by Rajaditya Chola, a Greater Chola emperor.
  • The lake, formerly known as Veeranarayana Mangalam Lake, was constructed by Rajaditya Chola and his warriors during their stay in Thirumunaipadi during a war against the Pallava rulers.

Water sources and inflow

  • Veeranam Lake receives water from the Kollidam River via the Vadavaru River.
  • The lake’s inflow is supplemented by water discharged from the Mettur Dam via the Kollidam River and Lower Anicut, assuring enough water supply at times.

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