Environment & Biodiversity

Tool for Diversity for Restoration (D4R)

  • Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) researchers adapted the Diversity for Restoration (D4R) tool to the Indian context.
  • The tool is intended to aid restoration programmes in India by improving decision-making and fostering long-term development.

What exactly is the D4R tool?

  • Bioversity International created the Diversity for Restoration (D4R) tool.
  • It is intended to help promote effective agroforestry and ecosystem restoration.
  • The application intends to assist restoration programme decision-making by giving information on tree species selection and their ecological benefits.

Key D4R Species Identification Features and Functions:

  • Assisting users in identifying tree species that are compatible with their restoration goals.
  • Geographic Suitability: Assisting in the selection of plant species that are best suited to specific geographic regions.
  • Identifying organisms that can tolerate local pressures and adapt to changing environmental conditions is known as resilience and adaptation.
  • Seed Procurement: Providing information on areas and regions where seeds for the relevant species can be obtained.
  • Plant Functional Traits: Incorporating information on tree species’ economic and ecological applications to aid selection.
  • Predicting suitable habitats for certain tree species based on current and future climatic scenarios is known as habitat suitability modelling.
  • Detailed information on the commercial benefits, physiological resilience, windbreaking capabilities, nitrogen-fixing capabilities, and pollinator support of tree species.
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