The Zojila Tunnel will transform access to Ladakh

The Union Transport Minister recently visited the longest and highest tunnel in Asia, the Zojila Tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir.

Concerning the Zojila Tunnel

  • The Zojila tunnel is a 14.15-kilometer road tunnel that would connect Srinagar and Leh in Ladakh’s Union Territory.
  • It is being developed as part of a project to increase regional connectivity, along with a connecting tunnel from Z-Morh to the Zojila tunnel.
  • The tunnel is expected to be finished in December 2023 at a cost of more than Rs 4,600 crore.

Need for the tunnel

  • All-weather connectivity: During hard winters, the Zojila Pass is closed owing to avalanche, landslip and icy roads, cutting off areas beyond the pass from the rest of the country for at least five months.
  • Military mobilisation: The forthcoming Zojila tunnel would provide permanent communication between Ladakh and the rest of the country, benefiting both citizens and military personnel.
  • Saving time and effort: The existing route of 40 kilometres between Baltal and Minamarg will be reduced to 13 kilometers, with travel time projected to be reduced by an hour and a half.
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