The PUSHp Portal Is a Game-Changer

  • The National Power Committee (NPC) has urged states to help shape incentives for both buyers and sellers on the Power High Price Day Ahead Market (HP-DAM) and Surplus Power Portal (PUShP).
  • The Ministry of Power launched this unique technology to improve power availability, optimise utilisation, and promote efficient power trade.

PUSHp Portal

  • The Ministry of Power announced the HP-DAM and PUShP portal concepts to alleviate power constraint during high demand periods and to stimulate excess power trade.
  • Price Flexibility: During peak demand, the platform allows select sellers to offer power at costs higher than the Rs 12 per unit ceiling, boosting higher availability.
  • Power distribution firms (DISCOMs) might show their surplus power availability on the portal, identifying the block periods, days, or months.
  • Requisition Mechanism: DISCOMs in need of electricity can use the portal to requisition surplus power, supporting efficient allocation.

Cost Determination Operational Mechanism:

  • New buyers will pay both variable charges (VC) and fixed fees (FC) as defined by authorities.
  • Implications of Reassignment: When power is reassigned, the original beneficiary relinquishes the right to recall authority, as well as the entire FC obligation.
  • Reducing Fixed Costs: This strategy relieves DISCOMs of the fixed cost load, making power distribution more efficient.
  • Optimal Capacity Utilisation: The platform guarantees that all available generation capacity is utilised effectively, reducing waste.
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