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The Pendulum of Foucault

  • The Foucault pendulum, which confirms the Earth’s rotation, has been mounted in New Delhi’s new Parliament building.
  • The National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) in Kolkata developed and installed it.

The Foucault Pendulum Is a One-Of-A-Kind Invention

  • In 1851, the Foucault pendulum experiment definitively confirmed the Earth’s rotation, putting an end to arguments concerning the planet’s movement.
  • Leon Foucault: The French scientist devised the Foucault pendulum and invited scientists and the general public to witness the rotation of the Earth through the experiment.
  • Working Principle: A heavy iron ball strung by a steel wire swings in a plane, replicating the rotation of the Earth on its axis.
  • The event took held at the Pantheon in Paris, where the movement of the ball reflected the rotation of the Earth.


  • The Earth’s Rotation as a Scientific Fact: The Foucault pendulum experiment established that the Earth revolves on its axis.
  • Supporting Astronomical Research: Understanding the rotation of the Earth is essential for comprehending numerous astronomical phenomena such as day and night cycles and seasonal changes.
  • Continual Scientific Inquiry: The Foucault pendulum experiment sparked additional investigation into the Earth’s rotation and its implications for our understanding of the universe.

Modern Applications and Future Research

  • Educational Installations: The addition of a Foucault pendulum in New Delhi’s new Parliament building allows for public education and scientific interaction.
  • Advances in technology, like as precise equipment and digital monitoring, can improve the accuracy and impact of Foucault pendulum installations.
  • Ongoing scientific investigations and experiments can help us better understand the Earth’s rotation and its relationship to other celestial bodies.
  • Exploration of the Earth’s rotation from orbit can provide new viewpoints and insights into its processes.
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