The Defence Ministry has approved the purchase of Pralay Ballistic Missiles

  • The Defence Ministry has approved the purchase of a regiment of ‘Pralay’ ballistic missiles for deployment along the Lines of Actual Control (LAC) and Control (LoC).
  • It will be the first time that a ballistic missile will be used in conventional operations.

Pralay Missile: Key Features

Strike Range150 to 500 kilometers
Payload Capacity350 kg to 700 kg conventional warhead
Warhead VariabilityHigh explosive preformed fragmentation warheads, penetration-cum-blast (PCB) warheads, runaway denial penetration submunitions (RDPS)
ClassificationQuasi-ballistic surface-to-surface missile
ManeuverabilityMid-flight trajectory alteration capability
PropulsionSolid propellant rocket motor with advanced guidance systems
Global ComparisonsComparable to China’s Dong Feng 12 and Russia’s Iskander missile
Development HistoryDevelopment began in 2015, with major progress made during General Bipin Rawat’s tenure as Chief of Army Staff.

Strategic importance

  • Longest Range: The ‘Pralay’ surface-to-surface missile will be the Army’s longest-range surface-to-surface missile.
  • Strategic Role: ‘Pralay,’ together with the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, will be key to India’s proposed Rocket Force, bolstering the country’s strategic position.
  • Imperative: China and Pakistan have already deployed tactical ballistic missiles, compelling India to purchase ‘Pralay’ missiles.
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