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Tensions increase in West Asia, a strongly militarised region

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s ‘Trends in International weaponry Transfers 2023’, four of the top ten greatest importers of weaponry last year were from West Asia, with the United States serving as the primary provider. 

West Asia has largest expenditure in Defence as per GDP %

West Asia is a strongly militarised region.

  • Regional wars and Tensions: The area is marked by persistent wars and tensions, such as those in Yemen and Syria, prompting governments to seek modern weaponry to handle security issues.
  • The oil boom in West Asia has resulted in increasing military spending as governments attempt to secure their oil riches and maintain regional peace. 
  • Domestic Factors: The presence of Western armaments and troops in several Persian Gulf nations has led to domestic resurgences, forcing states to invest in military capacities for self-defense.
  • Diversification of Arms Suppliers: West Asian governments have followed the philosophy of diversifying sources of arms supply, resulting in a greater range of arms purchases from numerous suppliers worldwide.
  • Client-supplier Relationship: The connection between client governments and arms suppliers is generally beneficial to the recipient, with the recipient acquiring the armaments they desire and the supplier bending to their requests.
  • Regional Disputes and Border Skirmishes: Border disputes, threats, and conflicts have made it vital for West Asian governments to use sophisticated and effective national defence systems, such as the conflict between Iran and Israel. 


Encourage diplomatic efforts to address regional crises and tensions via communication and negotiations, with the goal of reducing the need for excessive military spending. Advocate for regional arms control agreements to restrict the spread of weapons and foster stability in West Asia. 


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