Sulina Channel

As Russia threatens ships in the Black Sea, the ‘Sulina Channel’ in Romania provides a lifeline for Ukraine’s grain exports.

Sulina Canal

  • The Sulina Channel is located in Romania’s southeastern area, specifically in the Danube Delta region.
  • It connects one of Europe’s major rivers, the Danube, to the Black Sea, offering a direct route for maritime transportation.
  • The channel is approximately 64 kilometres long, making it an important shipping and navigation route.
  • It is an important trade route for cargo ships, commercial ships, and other maritime traffic entering and exiting the Black Sea region.
  • The Sulina Channel was built in the nineteenth century to assist the navigation of large ships and boats into and out of the Danube Delta.

Importance for Ukraine

  • The Sulina waterway, the Danube’s only deep and wide waterway, serves as a vital “riverine motorway” for carrying products from inland Ukrainian ports to the Black Sea.
  • Ukrainian grain ships go on the Chilia Channel from Izmail and Reni to Sulina, where the cargo is transferred to larger vessels.
  • These ships then travel to Constanta, Romania’s main seaport, for onward transfer into the Mediterranean.
  • This route is under NATO’s monitoring and protection, providing some protection against Russian aggression.
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