On Constitution Day, the Prime Minister unveiled 4 E-Court initiatives

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled many e-court project projects on the occasion of Constitution Day at the Supreme Court of India.

The “Virtual Justice Clock,” “JustIS mobile App 2.0,” “Digital court,” and “S3WaaS Websites” are among the items included. The goal of this article is to briefly describe the aforementioned projects.

Virtual Justice Clock

The goal of the initiative is to make the functioning of the courts accountable and transparent by sharing with the public the status of case dispositions by the court. The public can access the Virtual Justice Clock of any court establishment on the District Court’s website.

JustIS Mobile App 2.0

  • It is a tool that judicial officers have at their disposal for efficient case and court management by keeping track of the cases that are pending and being dismissed in both his court and the judges who serve under him.
  • High Court and Supreme Court Judges can now monitor the status of every State and District under their jurisdiction by using this App, which is also made available to them.

Digital Court

  • It is a project to digitise court records and make them available to judges so that Paperless Courts can be implemented.

S3WaaS Websites

  • It is a framework for creating, setting up, deploying, and managing websites for disseminating particular data and services pertaining to district judiciary.
  • A cloud service called S3WaaS was created for use by government organisations to create websites that are secure, scalable, and sugamya (accessible). It is accessible to all citizens, multilingual, and disability-friendly.
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