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International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

India was recently elected to serve as the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) vice president for the years 2023–25.


  • Objective: To prepare and publish worldwide standards for all electrical, electronic, and associated technologies. It is the foremost organisation in the world for this purpose. These are referred to as “electrotechnology” as a whole.
  • Type: It is an international, non-profit membership organisation that unites 173 nations and organises the efforts of 20,000 experts worldwide.
  • Administrative: Geneva, Switzerland
  • It is a membership organisation that is not for profit.
  • Its supreme governance entity, the Standardization Management Board (SMB), is in charge of all technical policy issues.
  • There are 170 member nations in it.
  • It contributes to achieving all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  • It played a key role in the development of various units of measurement, including the gauss, hertz, and weber;
  • It also first proposed the Giorgi System, a set of standards that later evolved into the SI system.
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