Odisha’s Chheligada Irrigation Project

The development of a multifunctional irrigation project in Chheligada, Odisha, has just been ordered by officials.

Irrigation Project in Chheligada

  • The project is a multifunctional medium project in Odisha’s Gajapati District, near the village of Chheligada.
  • The project entails building a 250m long and 30m high dam across the Badjhore River, a tributary of the Vamsadhara.
  • It intends to protect 5201 hectares of water while also providing irrigation to 5760 hectares of land in Ganjam and 500 hectares of land in Gajapati districts.
  • The project would also provide drinking water to the city of Brahampur.
  • It also comprises the development of a minor hydel plant with a capacity of 36 MW at Shiali Loti, Kankata, and Dekili in the Gajapati district.

The project’s most notable features

  • A 90m long Ogee-style gated spillway positioned in the centre.
  • Building a 1.13-kilometer-long tunnel connecting the Chheligada reservoir to the Ghodahada river.
  • Construction of a canal system to enable direct irrigation from the dam in the Gajapati area.
  • Construction of a pipeline network to supply drinking water to Berhampur, Ganjam district.
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