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Nathu La

After a massive avalanche near Sikkim’s Nathu La Mountain pass, several persons were killed and many others are believed to be trapped under snow.

How has it fared as the focal point of India-China disputes?

  • Sino-Indian War: During the Sino-Indian War in 1962, the Nathu La pass was a battleground for Indian and Chinese forces. Both sides suffered casualties in the battle, with China eventually capturing the pass.
  • Minor skirmishes in 1967: There were several minor skirmishes in 1967 between the Indian and Chinese forces near the Nathu La pass. Diplomatic negotiations were used to resolve the dispute.
  • 2017 standoff: In 2017, the Indian and Chinese forces engaged in a 73-day standoff near the Doklam plateau, near the Nathu La pass. The conflict was over China’s construction of a road in the disputed region. Both sides agreed to disengage at the conclusion of the standoff.
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