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Microbial formulations for increased agricultural productivity

The Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), based in Kozhikode, has developed and validated three new microbial formulations (Bactolime, Bactogypsum, and Trichogypsum) to boost agricultural production. 

IISR Microbial Formulations

  • It uses granular lime and gypsum to improve soil pH while also introducing beneficial microbes.
  • These are created with IISR’s exclusive patent-applied technology.
  • The formulations are:
  1. Bactolime:
  • The flagship product, Bactolime, combines beneficial bacteria, notably Rhizobacteria, which promote plant growth, with liming material in a single formulation.
  • This integration not only corrects soil acidity but also provides critical nutrients to plants. 
  1. Bactogypsum and Trichogypsum:
  • The other two formulations, Bactogypsum and Trichogypsum, use gypsum as a basis to keep soil pH near neutral.
  • These formulations improve soil structure, increase the availability of secondary nutrients, and increase total microbial activity by providing an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria.

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