In Political Alliances, the moniker ‘INDIA’ is used

A case has been filed with the Delhi police against 26 Opposition parties for alleged “improper use” of the moniker ‘INDIA’ in their newly formed coalition.

Why discuss this?

  • According to the complainant, the parties breached the Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act of 1950.
  • It is accused of attempting to obtain “undue influence” in elections by utilising the moniker ‘INDIA’ for their coalition.
  • It claims that by dubbing their coalition ‘INDIA,’ they intended to exert undue influence on the electorate and could face charges under Section 171F of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

The Emblems Act of 1950

  • The symbols Act of 1950 seeks to ban the unauthorised use of certain symbols and names for commercial or other purposes.
  • The Act aims to safeguard the dignity and sanctity of national emblems, insignia, and the names of international organisations.

Key features of the Emblem Act

Protected Emblems and NamesIdentifies certain emblems and names protected by the Act, such as national emblems, United Nations emblems, Red Cross emblems, and notified emblems. It protects their dignity and holiness.Section 3
Prohibition of Improper UseThe use of protected emblems and names for commercial or deceptive purposes is prohibited. Keeps their integrity and respect.Section 5
Offenses and PenaltiesPenalties for breaking the Act’s requirements, including imprisonment and fines, are established.Section 7
Exceptions and Permitted UseAllows for the use of protected emblems and names in particular circumstances and for specific purposes with the authorization of the competent authorities.Section 4
Enforcement and AuthoritiesAuthorises the Police to enforce, investigate, and take legal action against violators.Section 8
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