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Gurnards: A new species of fish has been identified in Bengal’s Digha harbour

  • Gurnards, a new species of deep water marine fish with a stunning orange hue, have been discovered by scientists from the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI).
  • This amazing discovery was uncovered off the shore of Digha Mohana in West Bengal.

Sea-robins or Gurnards

  • The new species belongs to the Triglidae family, which includes gurnards and sea-robins.
  • This species, known as Pterygotrigla intermedica, distinguishes itself from its congeners, such as Pterygotrigla hemisticta.
  • It is the fourth species of the Pterygotrigla genus to be discovered in India.
  • This family contains a global diversity of 178 species, emphasising the importance of this discovery.
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