Environment & Biodiversity

GPGP and its impact on marine life

  • The GPGP has a tremendous influence on marine life since marine species consume plastic, which can cause injury and even death.
  • Plastic can also entangle and suffocate marine species, causing environmental disruption.
  • The new study offers light on the neopelagic community, which has evolved to surviving in the waste patch on plastic.

Plastic pollution and its environmental consequences

  • Plastic pollution is a serious environmental concern that has a global impact on land and water ecosystems.
  • Plastic waste can disintegrate over hundreds of years, and even then, it breaks down into microplastics that can persist in the environment permanently.
  • Plastic in the environment has a deleterious influence on biodiversity, ecosystem function, and human health.

@the end

  • Plastic pollution can be reduced through lowering the use of single-use plastics, recycling, and promoting alternative materials.
  • Governments and businesses can also help minimise plastic waste by enacting laws and regulations that reduce plastic use and encourage recycling.
  • Individual activities like limiting personal plastic consumption and properly disposing of plastic garbage can help. 
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