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Dhawan II Engine

Skyroot Aerospace, a private space vehicle firm, has tested its 3D-printed Dhawan II engine in Telangana.

Dhawan II Engine

  • The Dhawan II engine is a cryogenic engine designed by Skyroot Aerospace for use as the upper stage of their Vikram II rocket.
  • The engine was recently tested for 200 seconds and produced impressive efficiency results.
  • Cryogenic engines use extremely cold liquid propellants to provide more thrust and increase a rocket’s payload carrying capability.
  • The engine was created using cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and renewable propellants.
  • Its successful testing represents a major step forward for Skyroot Aerospace in their efforts to become South Asia’s first private launcher.

Stipulated use

  • The updated version Vikram-2 will use the Dhawan II engine as its top stage.
  • Using a cryogenic upper stage instead of a solid fuel stage increases a rocket’s payload carrying capability.
  • Skyroot will be the first private launcher from South Asia when the updated Vikram II rocket is ready for flight next year.

Other sub-orbital and orbital trips by Skyroot

  • Skyroot’s first sub-orbital launch took place in November 2021, using a single-stage solid-fuel Vikram S rocket.
  • The company intends to conduct its first orbital journey with the updated Vikram II rocket by the end of this year.
  • Skyroot’s Vikram-1 rocket, the first in a line of rockets being developed, will launch satellites into orbit using three solid-fuel stages.

Outstanding performance outcomes and cutting-edge technologies

  • Dhawan-II’s endurance test yielded impressive performance outcomes.
  • The firm is proud to be at the cutting edge of developing cutting-edge cryogenic technologies in India’s private space sector.
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