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What exactly is the Samosa Caucus?

  • Term Definition: In a recent address to the United States Congress, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to the “Samosa Caucus,” a colloquial term for a group of Indian-origin legislators in the United States.
  • American Indian Origins: This reference meant a lot to the millions of people in the United States who are of Indian descent, including several members of Congress.

Symbolism and Etymology: “Samosa Caucus”

  • The term “Samosa Caucus” is said to have originated in 2018, when it was invented by Illinois Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi.
  • Strong Cultural Identity: Its use corresponds to the idea of a strong affiliation with Indian culture, as shown by the samosa, a traditional Indian snack. This cultural icon has made its way into the internet arena, where “Samosapedia” serves as a storehouse of Indian vernacular.

Symbol of Achievement: Kamala Harris, Vice President

  • Observing a Milestone: The Prime Minister singled out Vice President Kamala Harris as exemplifying the achievements of the Indian American community.
  • He expressed his expectations for the “Samosa Caucus” to grow in size and play a symbolic role in bringing the rich diversity of Indian cuisine into the House, signalling a greater acceptance and understanding of Indian culture.

Representatives of Indian Americans in Congress

  • Count of Representatives of Indian Origin: There are currently five U.S. Representatives of Indian heritage, with a significant sixth, Vice President Harris, leading the Senate. All of these politicians are Democratic Party members.
  • Shamal Thanedar represents Michigan, Dr. Ami Bera and Ro Khanna represent California, Pramila Jayapal represents Washington, and Raja Krishnamoorthi represents Illinois.

Influence outside of Congress: Indian Americans in the United States Administration

  • Broad-Based Representation: Indian Americans have a variety of important roles in the Biden Administration, demonstrating their influence in American policymaking.
  • Assertive Community role: This significant representation highlights the Indian American community’s strong role in moulding America’s future.
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