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Utkarsh 2.0

  • The Reserve Bank of India recently unveiled its ‘Utkarsh 2.0’ Medium-Term Strategy Framework for the period 2023-2025.
  • It will guide the RBI’s actions from 2023 to 25.
  • Utkarsh 2.0 builds on Utkarsh 2022’s strengths by retaining its vision, Core Purpose, Values, and Mission statement.
  • Utkarsh 2022 was the RBI’s first strategy framework for the period 2019-2022.


  • Excellence in the execution of its functions.
  • Citizens’ and institutions’ trust in the RBI has grown.
  • Increased relevance and significance in national and international roles.
  • Internal governance that is open, accountable, and ethical.
  • The best-in-class digital and physical infrastructure that is also environmentally friendly.
  • Human resources that are innovative, dynamic, and skilled.
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