Social Issues

Tribes of Hakki- Pikki

Thirty-one tribals from Karnataka’s ‘Hakki-Pikki’ group have been stuck in Sudan due to violent skirmishes between a paramilitary outfit and the country’s armed services.

Who are the Hakki-Pikkis?

OriginMigrated to Karnataka from northern India.
Traditional OccupationHistorically known for bird hunting, which was eventually made illegal.
LanguageThey speak an Indo-Aryan language called ‘Vaagri’ and do commerce in Kannada.
LocationMostly found in the Karnataka districts of Shivamogga, Davanagere, and Mysuru.
LineageA matriarchal society in which women play a prominent role in decision-making.
Traditional  KnowledgeThey are well-known for selling indigenous medicines based on their understanding of plants and herbs.

Language and UNESCO Inscription

  • UNESCO has designated ‘Vaagri’ as an endangered language.
  • This shows that the language is on the verge of extinction, emphasising the need of maintaining and promoting it.
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