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The next six months will be critical for the India-US relationship

The India-US relationship will be key in the coming six months, with engagements scheduled on several venues such as the G20, Quad, and I2U2.

Convergence and Divergence

  • The selection of Eric Garcetti as the United States’ Ambassador to India heralds the possibility of deeper cooperation, but there are also conflicts to be resolved.
  • The United States may urge India to rethink its position on the Ukraine situation.
  • India may desire a firmer stance against China.
  • However, the two countries have significant areas of convergence, such as the India-US Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology and the Indo-Pacific Partnership, both of which aim to promote regional security, economic growth, and connectivity.

What exactly is I2U2?

  • In July 2022, India, Israel, the United States (US), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the formation of a new minilateral organisation called the I2U2 at a hybrid summit.
  • The four countries see their partnership as ad hoc, informal, issue-specific, and geoeconomic endeavour.

Supply Chain Realignment in the United States

  • Supply networks have been disrupted: Due to geopolitical tensions, economic conflicts, and worries about over-reliance on a single country, there has been an increase in interest in diversifying supply chains away from China in recent years.
  • India is becoming a popular tourist destination: India’s expanding consumer market makes it an appealing destination for American companies trying to expand their customer base.

Ups and Downs in India-U.S. relationship

  • The India-US relationship has had its ups and downs throughout the years, with important moments such as the nuclear deal, market liberalization, and the outsourcing of Indian techies to US firms.
  • The United States has also played a significant role in transforming India become an IT superpower.
  • The two countries are also partners in the fight against climate change and agree on the significance of space technology.

Trust Issues

  • There has historically been a trust imbalance between India and the United States, with Indians believing that the United States has not always supported India and has instead helped Pakistan.
  • The United States has raised concerns about terrorism, human rights, and democracy in India. However, by expanding on their strategic alliance, the two countries may become stronger together.

@the end

The next six months will be significant for India-US relations, as both countries seek to strengthen collaboration and partnership. While there are disagreements to be resolved, the two countries also have strong points of convergence that may be used to improve their strategic cooperation.

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