The grain ATM in Annapurti

The recent display of the Annapurti Automated Multi-Commodity Grain Dispensing Machine during the ‘National Conference of Food Ministers of States/UTs,’ showcased an innovative solution created by the World Food Programme (WFP) India.

What is Annapurti?

  • Annapurti, commonly known as the Grain ATM, provides subsidised grains to beneficiaries via the Public Distribution System in a quick, clean, and precise manner.
  • It is an automated multi-commodity dispensing solution developed by WFP India that guarantees efficient access to commodities such as rice, wheat, and cereals.
  • Following biometric authentication, beneficiaries can safely access their entitlements via Annapurti.

Significant Characteristics

  • Annapurti offers full entitlements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eliminating leakage, waste, and incorrect weighing.
  • With an error rate of less than 0.01 percent, the system can distribute one or two grain commodities weighing up to 50 kilogrammes in five minutes.

Benefits and Potential Applications

(1) Food Security:

  • Annapurti has tremendous potential for food-based safety nets that ensure recipients receive their monthly subsidised grains on time.
  • The precision and dependability of the machine eliminate losses and ensure that everyone receive their proper portions.

(2) Emergency Food Grain Distribution:

  • During emergencies, such as natural disasters or humanitarian crises, Annapurti can facilitate efficient and timely distribution of food grains to affected populations.
  • Its automated approach simplifies the procedure, lowering reliance on manual labour and reducing errors.

(3) Market Access for Smallholder Farmers:

  • Annapurti has the potential to play a critical role in increasing market access for smallholder farmers.
  • Farmers can sell their produce directly to Annapurti by providing a reliable and efficient distribution channel, ensuring fair prices and reducing intermediaries.

Design that is both sustainable and modular

(1) Energy Efficiency:

  • Annapurti was created with the goal of prioritising food security while ensuring efficient energy consumption.
  • It provides an environmentally friendly option with a consumption rate of about 0.6 Watt per hour.

(2) Modular Design:

  • The modular architecture of Annapurti allows for flexibility and scaling dependent on available space.
  • The storage box and its components are simple to assemble and customize to meet a variety of needs.

(3) Renewable Energy Integration:

  • Annapurti can be integrated with solar panels, inverter batteries, and lifts for automatic replenishment.
  • This integration improves system sustainability by minimising reliance on traditional energy sources.
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