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SPACE Testing and Evaluation Hub for Sonar Systems

  • DRDO inaugurated a cutting-edge SPACE testing and evaluation facility for sonar systems, built specifically for the Indian Navy.

About the Submersible Platform for Acoustic Characterization and Evaluation (SPACE)

  • The SPACE is based in the Underwater Acoustic Research Facility at Kulamavu, Idukki, Kerala.
  • DRDO’s Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory is responsible for its development.
  • It is expected to become a renowned testing and evaluation facility for sonar systems used on various Indian Navy platforms such as ships, submarines, and helicopters.

Key Features of SPACE:

  • SPACE has two components: a floating platform on the water surface and a submersible platform that can descend to depths of up to 100 metres via winch systems.
  • After operations are completed, the submersible platform can be winched up and docked with the floating platform, allowing for more efficient resource utilisation. 

Functions and Capabilities:

  • SPACE evaluates full sonar systems, enabling quick deployment and retrieval of research packages such sensors and transducers.
  • It will be used to survey, sample, and gather data on air, surface, mid-water, and reservoir floor parameters with contemporary scientific instrumentation.
  • It will meet data processing and sample analysis needs, ushering in a new era of anti-submarine warfare research capabilities.

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