International Relations

Singapore Declaration of ILO

The Singapore Declaration, adopted at the 17th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of the International Labor Organization (ILO), established ten points of national action goals.

Singapore Declaration

  • It aims to raise awareness of the need for member nations to address the problems of declining worker salaries, inflation, and unemployment.
  • The delegates who represented regional governments, employers, and labour unanimously decided to adopt it.
  • Members concurred that social dialogue is crucial for addressing labour market issues and figuring out how to deal with crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and the current economic situation.

Key priorities

  • Promoting freedom of association will ensure that everyone has access to labour protection.
  • Recognition of the right to collective bargaining as an enabler of decent work, including for those in disadvantaged circumstances and those working in the informal economy
  • Reducing gender disparities, raising women’s employment rates, supporting equal compensation for labour of comparable worth, balancing work and obligations, and encouraging women to take on leadership roles.
  • Create and implement policies and programmes for an inclusive labour market that support demographic changes and life transitions.
  • Promote and expedite a seamless transition from the informal to the formal economy by making concerted, continuous efforts in this direction.
  • Improve governance structures and regard for migrant workers’ right to freedom of association
  • Bolster the resilience and protection of social and employment systems
  • Extending social protection to all employees and ensuring that everyone has access to comprehensive, adequate, and long-lasting social protection.
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