RECEIC stands for Resource Efficiency Circular Economy Industry Coalition

The Resource Efficiency Circular Economy Industry Coalition (RECEIC) was formed with the commitment of 39 global corporations to the principles of resource efficiency and circular economy.

What is RECEIC?

  • The RECEIC is an industry-led project with a global focus on improving resource efficiency and circular economy practises that was conceived during India’s G20 presidency.
  • Its goals are to solve waste-related environmental issues such as plastics, microplastics, e-waste, and chemical waste.
  • RECEIC’s launch was attended by 39 international firms from industries such as steel, FMCG, and electronics.
  • The coalition will be driven by industry, with the government providing support.
  • The coalition’s primary goal is to address environmental concerns caused by various types of trash using resource efficiency and circular economy principles.
  • Ministers from Mauritius, Denmark, Italy, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, France, and the European Union were present.

India’s measures in this regard

  • India generated around 41 lakh tonnes of plastic garbage in 2021-22, with 30 lakh tonnes allotted to registered recyclers and plastic waste processing companies.
  • The Plastic trash Management (Amendment) Rules, 2022, created rules for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to properly manage plastic trash.
  • Plastic waste processors created 2.6 million tonnes of EPR certificates, of which 1.51 million tonnes were purchased for 2022-23 commitments.
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