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Preventive and Corrective Action Directive

  • Designation of Nodal Officers: State governments must appoint senior police officers as Nodal Officers in each district to prevent incidents of mob violence and lynching.
  • State governments should identify high-incidence locations where mob violence and lynching have been documented.
  • Police Actions and FIR Registration: Under Section 129 of the CrPC, police personnel must use their authority to disperse mobs, and FIRs must be registered as soon as possible under Section 153A of the IPC.
  • Monitoring of Investigations: It is the obligation of Nodal Officers to personally oversee the investigation of such offences and guarantee efficient execution.
  • Compensation plan: In accordance with Section 357A of the CrPC, state governments should establish a victim compensation plan for lynching and mob violence victims.
  • Designated Courts: In each district, special designated courts or fast-track courts should handle lynching and mob violence cases.

Directive to State Governments

  • Gathering Information: A Bench comprised of Justices Sanjeev Khanna and Bela M. Trivedi has directed state governments to compile detailed data on mob violence and lynchings.
  • Year-wise Data: The data should include information on complaints filed, FIRs registered, and challans presented to courts, as well as an annual progress report.
  • Coordination with State Departments: The court recommended that the Ministry of Home Affairs meet with appropriate department heads from state governments to get an update on the actions taken in response to the court’s 2018 decision in the Tehseen Poonawala case.
  • Compliance with Court Orders: The court had earlier ordered that the states organise Special Task Forces to gather intelligence on hate speeches, mob violence, and lynchings.


  • The Supreme Court’s oversight of preventive and corrective procedures for mob lynching reflects its commitment to addressing the problem.
  • The court intends to hold the Union and State governments accountable for their acts by directing data consolidation and pressing compliance with the 2018 judgement.
  • These policies are intended to reduce vigilantism, safeguard the rule of law, and provide justice to victims of mob violence and lynchings.


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