Portal Nyaya Vikas

The Nyaya Vikas Portal was designed to track the progress of the Centrally Sponsored Nyaya Vikas Scheme.

What exactly is the Nyaya Vikas Programme?

  • The Department of Justice started it in 1993-94.
  • The goal is to build infrastructure for districts and subordinate judiciaries.
  • Central aid is provided to state governments and UT administrations for the construction of courthouses and residential units.
  • Extending beyond March 31, 2021, with further convenience features such as lawyers’ halls, restroom complexes, and digital computer rooms.
  • The central government and state governments share funding 60:40 (except North Eastern and Himalayan States), 90:10 for North Eastern and Himalayan States, and 100% for Union Territories.

The Nyaya Vikas Portal

  • The Nyaya Vikas Portal was developed to track the implementation of the CSS for the Development of Infrastructure Facilities for Districts and Subordinate Judiciary.
  • It enables stakeholders to log in in four efficient ways, enabling seamless access to finance, documentation, project monitoring, and approval information.
  • By providing stakeholders with a centralised platform to access information on funding, documents, project monitoring, and approval processes, the portal ensures transparency and accessibility.

Effects of the Scheme

  • Improved infrastructure: The monitoring capabilities of the portal assist to the efficient use of funds for the construction of courtrooms, residential apartments, lawyers’ halls, restroom complexes, and digital computer rooms.
  • Improved judicial services: The portal improves the delivery of judicial services to lawyers, litigants, and court officers by offering better infrastructure and facilities.
  • Enhanced rule of law: The scheme’s effective implementation via the portal supports the rule of law by ensuring access to justice and suitable infrastructure for the court.
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