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Plant ‘cries’: A Tribute to Jagadish Chandra Bose

  • A recent finding by Tel Aviv University researchers in Israel that plants create distinct ultrasonic noises when stressed garnered headlines throughout the world.
  • However, Indians who had grown up hearing about Jagadish Chandra Bose’s work on plant physiology and their ability to sense pleasure and suffering more than a century ago were not astonished.

Who exactly was JC Bose?

  • Born in Mymensingh, Bengal, in 1858. A polymath who contributed significantly to physics, biophysics, and plant physiology. Graduated with honours in physics from Calcutta University and studied at London and Cambridge.

Works of note

  • In 1895, he created sensitive apparatus for wireless telegraphy and performed the first wireless transmission of microwaves. Plants create electrical impulses in response to stimuli, and they have made important contributions to biophysics.


  • Bose’s work on plant physiology and biophysics was ahead of its time, and his colleagues did not completely comprehend it. However, much of his work has been proven through the years.
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