Perspective Plan for Maritime Infrastructure (2023-2037)

  • The Naval Commanders Conference saw the release of the Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan (MIPP) 2023-37.
  • It represents a forward-thinking policy aimed at fostering long-term maritime architecture.

Concerning MIPP

  • This comprehensive plan, which is aligned with the overarching vision of the PM Gati Shakti initiative, was launched by the Minister of State for Defence.
  • The plan’s aims cover the next 15 years and aim to integrate the Navy’s infrastructure needs into a dynamic and all-encompassing model.

Features of the MIPP

  • Synchronising Infrastructure Needs: The MIPP 2023-37 envisions an integrated strategy to addressing the Navy’s infrastructure needs.
  • Through a rigorously constructed perspective plan, it intends to harmonise naval infrastructure development over the next 15 years.
  • Compliance with Broader Policies: The strategy complies with wide policy directions such as the PM Gati Shakti Project, Disaster Resilience, and Transition to Net Zero, among others.
  • The creation of the strategy is based on core principles of sustainability and compliance with national policy aims.

Modernization Efforts:

  • The new “IRS Rules and Regulations Handbook for Construction and Classification of Naval Combatants” was introduced to meet technology improvements and foster self-reliance.
  • This handbook represents the growth of the naval shipbuilding sector and is consistent with the principle of ‘AatmaNirbharta’ (self-reliance).

Initiatives for Transformation:

  • The publication of the “Family Logbook for Defence Civilian Personnel of the Indian Navy” marks a watershed moment in the efficient management of personal records.
  • The “Electronic Service Document Project” is set to revolutionise human resource record-keeping within the Navy.

Improving Indigenous Shipbuilding

  • Promoting Indigenous Warships: Ajay Bhatt emphasised the Navy’s dedication to self-sufficiency by declaring that the last 33 warships were “Made in India.”
  • 61 of the 63 warships now under construction are manufactured in Indian shipyards, demonstrating the country’s shipbuilding prowess.
  • Monumental Launches: The President’s launch of Vindhyagiri and the Vice President’s launch of Mahendragiri highlighted the indigenous warship-building enterprise’s strength.

Challenges and Preparation

Defence Horizon Expansion:

  • As the realm of defence expands beyond traditional domains to incorporate space, cyber, economic, and social dimensions, a comprehensive approach is required.
  • A ‘whole-of-nation strategy’ is required to meet emerging security concerns successfully.

Vision and readiness:

  • Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of Naval Staff, emphasised the Navy’s four-pronged vision.
  • The Navy must execute missions successfully, maintain maritime security in the Indian Ocean Region, adapt to societal changes, and improve jointness and integration with other services.
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