New guidelines for the BH Series registration mark for automobiles are announced by the road ministry

  • The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway has announced new regulations to broaden the application of the BH series car registrations.


  • In accordance with new regulations suggested by the transport ministry, vehicles with the BH series registration mark may be transferred to either eligible or ineligible parties.

Bharat series (BH-series)

  • When moving to a different state, a car has to be re-registered.
  • When the owner of a vehicle changes States, a vehicle with the BH registration mark does not need to be assigned a new registration mark.

Format of Bharat series (BH-series) Registration Mark –

  • Registration Mark Format:
  • YY BH #### XX
  • YY – Year of first registration
  • BH- Code for Bharat Series
  • ####- 0000 to 9999 (randomized)
  • XX- Alphabets (AA to ZZ)

Reasons for such move

  • Changing stations happens to personnel in the public and private sectors.
  • When it comes to the transfer of registration from the parent state to another state, such movements make these employees feel uneasy.
  • A person is only permitted to maintain a vehicle in a state other than the one in which it is registered for a maximum of 12 months under section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Who can get this BH series?

  • Defense personnel, employees of the Central Government, State Government, Central/State PSUs, and private sector businesses/organizations will all have access to the BH-series on a voluntary basis.
  • The motor vehicle tax is imposed for a period of two years or a multiple of two years.
  • As soon as a person relocates to a new State or UT in India, this scheme will enable unrestricted personal vehicle transportation between such States/UTs.
  • A motor vehicle tax equal to half of what was previously assessed for that vehicle will be imposed yearly after the completion of the fourteenth year.
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