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Nabhmitra: A Satellite-Based Fisherman Safety Device

The ISRO Space Applications Centre (Ahmedabad) has created ‘Nabhmitra,’ a ground-breaking technology designed to improve the safety of fisherman while on the water.


  • While at sea, Nabhmitra uses satellite communication to provide smooth messaging services.
  • Weather forecasts, cyclone warnings, and other important information will be communicated in the local language.
  • During an emergency, such as a capsize or a fire, fishermen can broadcast distress signals.
  • The device has an emergency button that allows direct contact with the control centre.
  • The control centre receives the warning and the location of the boat when the emergency button is pressed. The boat’s crew receives a response message from the control centre at the same time.

Nabhmitra’s Advantages

  • Nabhmitra improves fishermen’s safety by enabling quick communication during situations.
  • Fishermen receive timely weather and cyclone warnings, which helps them make informed judgements.
  • The device gives data on shipping lanes, marine boundaries, and fishing grounds.
  • The technology simplifies communication between boats and authorities in the event of an accident or a crisis.
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