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Manipur’s Ancient Polo: Sagol Kangjei

  • The modern-day Polo game, Sagol Kangjei, is thought to have originated in Manipur.
  • Sagol Kangjei Modern polo is said to have evolved from Sagol Kangjei, a Manipur-based sport.
  • Players in this game ride horses, specifically Manipur Ponies, which have been mentioned in records dating back to the 14th century.

Manipur Pony Breed Preservation

  • The Manipur Pony is one of India’s five recognized equine breeds, and it holds significant cultural significance for Manipuri society.
  • For centuries, the pony has been essential to Manipuri society for its socio-cultural association.
  • Its ancestors are unknown, with one source claiming Tibetan ponies as ancestors and another claiming a cross between a Mongolian wild horse and an Arabian.
  • The number of Manipur Ponies was 1,898 in the 17th Quinquennial Livestock Census in 2003, but it fell to 1,101 in the 19th Quinquennial Livestock Census in 2012.
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