Lack of Quorum in Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha began debating the general Budget, but the House was forced to adjourn early due to a lack of quorum.

What exactly is Quorum?

  • The quorum is the bare minimum of members required for a deliberative assembly to conduct its business.
  • According to Article 100 of the Indian Constitution, the quorum for a meeting of either House of Parliament shall be one-tenth of the total number of members of that House.
  • This means that the Lok Sabha (Lower House) quorum is 55 and the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) quorum is 25.

Who makes the Quorum decision?

  • The quorum is usually determined at the start of the session, and if it is not present when a vote is taken, the vote is null and void.
  • In the event of an insufficient quorum, the Speaker or Chairman has the authority to adjourn the House or suspend the sitting until a quorum is present.

Contesting a Quorum

  • Furthermore, any member of the House may challenge the quorum.
  • If the quorum is called into question, the Speaker or Chairman can order a count of the members present.
  • The House is adjourned if a quorum is not present. However, if a quorum is present, the House resumes its business.
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