Kerala to launch inexpensive ‘Sabari K-Rice’

  • The Kerala government’s plan to launch ‘Sabari K-Rice’ is interpreted as a response to the Union government’s distribution of ‘Bharat Rice.’

Sabari K-Rice

  • Sabari K-Rice intends to deliver high-quality rice at accessible prices, offering an alternative to the current subsidised rice plan.
  • Distribution: K-Rice will be accessible through Supplyco stores, in addition to the present subsidised rice supply of 10 kilogrammes per card.
  • Quality and Pricing: In contrast to Bharat Rice, which is offered at varying prices by NAFED and NCCF, K-Rice offers high-quality varieties at subsidised costs.
  • Price Discrepancy: While Bharat Rice sells for ₹29 per kg, K-Rice attempts to give inexpensive rates, with the state government incurring additional expenditures for distribution.

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