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Is Russia prevailing in the Ukraine War?

Six months have passed since Ukraine started its counteroffensive against Russian soldiers.

  • Six months have passed since Ukraine started its counteroffensive against Russian soldiers.
  • Despite earlier hopes, Ukraine has failed to make substantial combat advances.
  • President Zelensky is currently travelling Western cities, notably Washington, in order to obtain continued military aid.

Ukraine’s Counteroffensive: Achievements and Obstacles

  • Initial Strategy and Goals: The counteroffensive was launched on three fronts, with the goal of disrupting Russia’s land bridge to Crimea and gaining ground in the south and east.
  • Despite receiving superior equipment and training from Western partners, Ukrainian soldiers struggled against Russia’s hardened defences, especially in the south.
  • Setbacks and Losses: Ukrainian advances were stymied by minefields, electronic warfare, and a lack of air power, resulting in severe casualties and little change on the frontlines.

Russia’s Current Position in War 

  • Recovery and Defence Construction: Following early withdrawals, Russia has reinforced its defensive positions and is on the offensive in locations such as Avdiivka.
  • Mobilisation and Military Production: In response to Western sanctions and supply constraints, Russia has mobilised extra soldiers and increased military production.
  • Despite Western sanctions, Russia has been able to retain economic stability by expanding its energy trade, notably with China and India.

Western support for Ukraine is dwindling.

  • Shift in US and EU Position: There are signs that the US and EU are pressing Ukraine to start negotiations with Russia.
  • Political and financial challenges: In the United States, Republican resistance and waning public support are limiting funding to Ukraine, perhaps impacting the presidential elections in 2024.
  • Uncertainty about the Future of Aid: Western assistance is in jeopardy, especially if Ukraine fails to secure big military victories.

Future Prospects: No End to the Conflict 

  • Putin’s Position on Peace Talks: Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated little urgency in peace talks, instead focused on fulfilling Russia’s goals.
  • Ukraine’s Negotiation Position: Ukraine, too, is not considering discussions at the present.
  • Potential Strategies and Future Challenges: As winter approaches, frontline movements are anticipated to slow temporarily, with both sides presumably planning for future offensives and counteroffensives.


  • Continued Reliance on Western Aid: Ukraine’s chances in the conflict remain significantly dependent on continued Western military and financial assistance.
  • Ukraine’s Future Is Uncertain: Ukraine is in a perilous situation as it navigates a complicated and developing conflict scenario, thanks to the ongoing war and geopolitical and economic pressures.

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