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India ranks 113th out of 190 nations in the World Bank’s Women, Business, and Law Index

  • India’s ranking in the World Bank’s Women, Business, and Law index has improved significantly, rising to 113 out of 190 nations in the most recent assessment.
  • It’s interesting to note that none of the world’s countries received a perfect score on the new measure, revealing widespread gender discrepancies in legal rights. 

About Women, Business, and Law Index

  • Overview: The Women, Business, and Law Index is a World Bank effort that tracks how laws and regulations affect women’s economic opportunities.
  • Objective: The index establishes objective and measurable benchmarks for assessing global progress towards legal gender equality.
  • Scores range from 0 to 100, with 100 representing equal legal rights for men and women.
  • Areas Covered: The report evaluates eight crucial aspects, including mobility, workplace, wage, marriage, motherhood, entrepreneurship, assets, and pension.
  • Milestone Edition: The 2024 version is the report’s tenth iteration. 

India’s Performance

  • India’s legal rights gap is somewhat lower than the global average of 64.2%, with women having 60% of the same rights as males.
  • Regional Comparison: India surpassed its South Asian competitors, where women typically receive only 45.9% of the legal protections that men do.
  • Supportive Frameworks: India’s performance in constructing supportive frameworks was inadequate, with only 54.2% of the required frameworks in place.
  • Policy Efforts: India hopes to boost female labour force participation, which was 37% in 2022-23, much lower than many industrialised nations.
  • OECD Comparison: In 2022, the female labour force participation rate in OECD countries surpassed 50%, underlining the gap that India hopes to close. 

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