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Important articles @ The IndianExpress— 31 May, 2023

Important articles for UPSC

Front Page

  • Shah asks groups in Manipur to keep peace for 15 days, hold talks
  • Global Olympics body steps in : Very disturbing, protect athletes
  • In class 11-12 , most students in South opt for Science in 3 key states just 2% take arts

Govt & Politics

  • Manipur Challenges not over, will take some time, says CDS

Express Network

  • Legal battle over Devas Antrix deal reaches Mauritius shores


  • Their new dangal
  • Welcome caution

Ideas Page

  • A contested diaspora
  • Chaos in Pakistan Caution in India
  • Towards equity in Science


  • Curbing airplane emissions
  • President in Govt contracts : SC on Art 299
  • What is Foucault’s Pendulum installed at the new Parliament building


  • China launches new spaceship with its first civilian on board


  • India’s growth momentum to sustain in FY 24 amid easing inflation : RBI
  • E-rupee worth Rs 5.70 cr in circulation

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