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Important articles @ The IndianExpress—25 Apr, 2023

Important articles for UPSC

Front Page

  • India reliance on imported crude oil at record high of 87.3% in FY 23
  • Restraint needed but SC left Parliament in the dark

Govt & Politics

  • Sudan evacuation op begins 500 Indians board Navy ship
  • India – China talks set stage for SCO meet

Express Network

  • People understand… You have to respect what parliament says to a great extent
  • To mark 50 years of basic structure ruling, top court launches webpage
  • Fact check unit : Parody satire do not seem to be protected says Bombay HC


  • Learning without Darwin
  • Crisis in Khartoum
  • Urea Fixation

Ideas Page

  • Wages are rising
  • For your eyes and more
  • No universal childhood


  • After uproar, China ffirms sovereignty of ex-Soviet nations


  • India’s first water bodies census : Why and what it says
  • Why urea rules India’s farms
  • What causes Cheetah deaths


  • NARCL acquires 21k crore of stressed loans till March 2023
  • Absence of data protection law in India poses privacy risk : IMF Paper
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