‘HD 3226’ Wheat can withstand high temperatures

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has developed a new wheat variety called ‘HD 3226’ that can withstand high temperatures.

HD 3226 Wheat

  • The wheat, known as “HD 3226,” was created specifically for cultivation in India’s northwest region, where temperatures can reach 42 degrees Celsius.
  • This variety took ICAR ten years to develop.
  • It was created specifically for cultivation in India’s northwest region.

HD 3226 Wheat Benefits

  • Resistant to heat stress: According to reports, the HD 3226 wheat variety is more resistant to heat stress than other wheat varieties.
  • Increased yields: In high-temperature conditions, the HD 3226 wheat variety can produce up to 12-15% higher yields.


  • The development of this new wheat variety is especially important given the region’s increasing frequency of heatwaves as a result of climate change.
  • Farmers are finding it more difficult to grow crops as temperatures rise.

Approval from the government and availability

  • The HD 3226 wheat variety has now been submitted for approval to the Indian government.
  • Farmers should be able to use it in the coming years if it is approved.
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