Security Issues

Exercise SALVEX

  • The seventh edition of the Salvage and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) exercise, known as SALVEX, was recently completed by the Indian Navy and the US Navy.
  • SALVEX has promoted the exchange of expertise and the strengthening of skills in marine salvage and EOD operations since its founding in 2005.
  • The IN-USN SALVEX exercise has become a cornerstone of India-US bilateral naval cooperation, building mutual confidence and collaboration.
  • INS Nireekshak and USNS Salvor, as well as Specialist Diving and EOD teams from both fleets, took part in the drill.

Key outcomes

  • Shared Learning on marine Salvage: Both countries’ diving teams exchanged experiences, lessons, and best practises in marine salvage operations.
  • Synergies in EOD Operations Training: The exercise provided an ideal platform for collaborative training activities, allowing divers and EOD personnel to improve their interoperability and expertise.
  • Mastery of Mine Detection and Neutralisation: The divers who took part in the course received extensive instruction in mine detection and neutralisation, allowing them to mitigate possible dangers in underwater environments.
  • Wreck Location and Salvage Techniques: The exercise focused on strengthening the teams’ abilities to locate and salvage wrecks, which is a key skill for assuring safe navigation and successful disaster response.
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