E-Sanjeevani app

  • As part of the government’s efforts to promote digital healthcare in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned the eSanjeevani app in his “Mann Ki Baat” address.
  • E-Sanjeevani is a platform-independent browser-based application that enables both ‘doctor-to-doctor’ and ‘patient-to-doctor’ teleconsultations.
  • During the Covid pandemic, the union health ministry launched the e-Sanjeevani telemedicine services to ensure that health consultations reached people in even the most remote villages.
  • The union health ministry stated at the time of its launch that it was a doctor-to-doctor telemedicine service that would provide general and specialised health care in rural areas.

How does e-Sanjeevani function?

  • The e-Sanjeevani service connects the beneficiary to a doctor or specialist at the hub, which will be a tertiary healthcare facility.
  • A paramedic or generalist at a health and wellness centre would be the network’s spoke.
  • It enables real-time virtual consultations between doctors and specialists at the hub and the beneficiary at the spoke (via paramedics).
  • The e-prescription generated at the session’s end is used to obtain medications.

How far can e-Sanjeevani reach?

  • Sanjeevani HWC is now available in over 50,000 health and wellness centres across the country.
  • According to PM Modi in ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ the number of teleconsultants using the e-Sanjeevani app has now surpassed 10 crore.
  • According to the health minister, 100.11 million patients were served at 115,234 Health and Wellness Centres (as spokes), through 15,731 hubs and 1,152 online OPDs staffed by 2,29,057 telemedicine-trained medical specialists and super-specialists.
  • According to the union health ministry, more than 57% of e-Sanjeevani beneficiaries are women, with only about 12% being senior citizens.
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