Deputy Speaker Chair Vacancy in States

Over the failure to elect a Deputy Speaker, the Supreme Court issued notices to the Centre and five states — Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand.

The Post of Deputy Speaker

  • After the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker is the Lok Sabha’s second-highest-ranking official.
  • In the absence of the Speaker, she/he presides over the House, maintains order and decorum, and rules on points of order raised by members.
  • She or he is elected by the members of the House and serves until the next Lok Sabha is formed.

Provisions in the Constitution for a Deputy Speaker

  • The Constitution of India provides for the post of Deputy Speaker in the Lok Sabha under Article 93.
  • The Deputy Speaker is elected by the House members and serves until the next Lok Sabha is formed.
  • The Constitution does not provide for a temporary or acting Deputy Speaker in case of the incumbent’s absence or inability to perform the duties.
  • Article 178 contains the corresponding position for Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of a state.

Is it required to have a Deputy Speaker?

  • Constitutional experts point out that the words “shall” appear in both Articles 93 and 178, indicating that the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker is required by the Constitution.

What if she/he remains absent?

  • In the absence of the Dy. Speaker, the House is presided over by the Speaker or a panel of chairpersons.
  • The House may appoint a new Deputy Speaker to serve until the next assembly is called.
  • In the event of the incumbent’s absence or inability to perform the duties, the House may need to elect a new Deputy Speaker.

Why are we debating this?

  • The position of Deputy Speaker is important in the Lok Sabha/Legislative Assembly and plays an important role in the House proceedings.
  • It is critical to ensure that the post is operational in order to maintain the House’s order and decorum and to run the House proceedings smoothly.
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