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Common Army Uniforms for Higher Ranks

The recent Army Commanders Conference decided to modify the uniforms worn by top Army officers.

Changes to the Uniform

  • All officers with the rank of Brigadier or higher will henceforth wear the same uniform pieces.
  • Berets, rank badges, belt buckles, and shoe patterns are all common uniform pieces.
  • Officers of these higher grades will no longer wear regimental lanyards or shoulder flashes.
  • There will be no uniform to identify them as belonging to a specific Regiment or Corps.

Display Uniform Accessories

  • Officers from Lieutenant to General currently have uniform accessories that correspond to their regimental or corps designation.
  • According to regimental traditions, each Infantry Regiment and Corps has its unique pattern of lanyard, rank badges, buttons, and belt buckle.

The Reason for the Change

  • For most officers who advance in rank, regimental service in the Army ends with the rank of Colonel.
  • Senior officers commanding troops with mixed regimental ancestry should wear a neutral uniform rather than a regimental uniform.

Return to Previous Practise

  • The Army is now reverting to the approach that was in place about 40 years ago, when the shift towards wearing regimental affiliations became widespread.
  • Until the mid-1980s, officers with the rank of Colonel and above wore uniforms with the same patterns and insignia.

Other Armies’ Traditions

  • To differentiate it from the Regimental uniform, officers of the level of Colonel and above wear the Staff uniform in the British army.
  • The military of bordering countries, Pakistan and Bangladesh, follow the same system as the British army.
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