Beypore Uru applied for GI tag

For the renowned Beypore Uru, the District Tourism Promotion Council of Kozhikode has requested a Geographical Indication (GI) tag (boat).


  • Beypore Uru is a wooden dhow (ship, sailing boat, or vessel) that was handmade in Beypore, Kerala by expert craftsmen and carpenters.
  • They stand for Kerala’s friendship and business ties to the Gulf nations.
  • It is built entirely of high-quality wood without the use of any contemporary methods.
  • The timber is still sawed the old-fashioned way, which calls for enormous skill.
  • Each Uru must be built manually, which takes anywhere from one to four years.

Historic significance

  • Since the first century C.E., Beypore has been a renowned maritime trading centre for merchants from all over the world, according to historical documents.
  • Since almost 2000 years ago, the recognisable Uru ships have been in high demand.
  • The skillful locals known as Khalasis, who launched Uru canoes at Beypore, had a 2000-year tradition.
  • Odayis stands out among them as a notable individual. They oversee the technical aspects of manufacturing ships.
  • Their surname is derived from the word “odam,” which refers to a small ship that was once utilised for trading between the Malabar coast and Lakshadweep.
  • Since the bulk of them are Mappila Muslims, they are also known as Mappila Khalasis.
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