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Animal suffering as a result of neurolink

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s medical company, has been accused of causing unnecessary suffering and death to approximately 1,500 animals in just a few years. According to sources, animal testing is moving too quickly, causing unnecessary suffering and death for the animals.

Neuralink company and its objective

  • The 2016-founded company Neuralink is developing a brain implant that will allow paralyzed people to walk again and cure other neurological conditions.

What Is Neuralink?

  • A brain implant: Neuralink is a device that will be surgically implanted into the brain using robotics. A chipset known as the link is implanted in the skull during this procedure.
  • Insulated wires connected to electrodes: It has several insulated wires connected to the electrodes used in the process.
  • This device can then be used to operate smartphones and computers without the need for human intervention.

The science behind the human brain

  • Neurons in the Brain: Neurons in the brain transmit signals to cells throughout the body, including muscle, nerve, gland, and other neuron cells.
  • Each part of the brain performs the following functions: Every neuron is composed of three components: the dendrite, the soma (cell body), and the axon. Each of these parts serves a specific purpose. The signals are received by the dendrite. These signals are processed by the soma. The signals are then transmitted to the other cells by the axon.
  • Neurotransmitters: Neurons are linked together by synapses, which release neurotransmitters. These chemical substances are then sent to the dendrite of another neuron cell, causing current to flow across the neurons.

Working of  Neuralink

  • Electrodes can read electrical signals: The electrodes in the Neuralink can read electrical signals produced by various neurons in the brain. The signals are then output as an action or movement.
  • The device is implanted directly in the brain, according to the company’s website, because placing it outside the head will not accurately detect the signals produced by the brain.

What Does Neuralink Do?

  • In order to operate encephalopathy, Neuralink can be used.
  • People who are paralyzed can be operated on; it can also serve as a link between the human brain and technology. This means that people who are paralyzed can use their brains to handle their phones and computers.
  • It will assist people in communicating: Its primary purpose is to assist people in communicating via text or voice messages.
  • Neuralink has a wide range of applications, including the ability to draw pictures, take photographs, and perform other tasks.

@the end

Despite the fact that the Neuralink innovation is pushing the boundaries of neural engineering, animal cruelty cannot be ignored.

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